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Customs Brokerage

Customized Customs Brokerage
The quickest and most efficient way to clear goods through customs

Fast clearance of goods, avoiding costly delays and reducing unnecessary costs, are the result of expertise and in-depth acquaintance with customs laws and regulations throughout the world. This is where Ruth Cargo comes in, so that you can enjoy over 70 years of experience delivering customs brokerage services to companies and businesses in all economic sectors.

Ruth Cargo’s customs brokerage team, which includes highly experienced customs agents, licensing clerks and customs classifiers, will represent you before the various authorities, while meticulously complying with import processes, reducing your exposure to risks and avoiding costly fines that will hinder your international trade profitability.
As part of the process, our experts will build a customized trade plan that includes compliance with customs laws of the destination country, preparation of the required documents, obtaining standards compliance documents, tax planning to avoid fines and penalties and identifying tax credits that entitle you to import tax refunds.

The company’s customs brokerage team will monitor your international shipment at any given moment through the Ruth Cargo global technological platform, manage customs clearance of the goods efficiently and rapidly, and continue to accompany the forwarding of the goods along the supply chain, until they reach their destination.

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