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Logistics Solutions

Customized Project Logistics
For particularly challenging shipments

When it comes to particularly unique, expensive, large, heavy, classified or dangerous cargo, or to third-party shipments from the supplier to the customer, don’t compromise on less than the best: the Ruth Cargo Project logistics department.

Project Logistics
The project logistics team will build a comprehensive logistics plan for shipping the cargo to its destination. This includes coordinating all the forwarding stages down to the smallest detail, by land, ocean and air, together with Ruth Cargo’s relevant global offices and the personal and professional accompaniment of the company’s project logistics experts. This will ensure that your unique cargo will reach its destination at the scheduled time, while mitigating risks and fully meeting stringent safety and security requirements.

Drop Shipment (Third Party)
Ruth Cargo specializes in creating supply chains spanning every point on the globe.
As part of its third party shipments, the company ensures complete separation between the supplier’s documents and the end customer’s documents and serves as a “control tower” for every shipment, all the way through, including collecting and shipping the goods, exchange of documents, storage, customs brokerage, distribution, insurance and more.

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