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Ruth Cargo invests in information systems and technology in order to best meet the needs of its customers, including the operational information we provide them.

Ruth Cargo
The smart link in the supply chain

Companies operating in a global market need an efficient and stable supply chain in order to meet their obligations and delivery times to the consumers – an undertaking that requires logistics and forwarding companies that have a unique combination of knowledge, experience and groundbreaking technological capability.

As the Israeli representative of the global logistics and forwarding giant C.H. Robinson, Ruth Cargo stands at the forefront of global technology and is an active partner in developing and integrating advanced global logistics technologies – as part of the DNA which has accompanied the company since its founding.

These technologies build smarter supply chains, reduce forwarding costs and enable you to track and trace every cargo with full transparency – and all with user-friendly interfaces so that you can take back control and enjoy an extraordinary customer experience.