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Ocean Freight Forwarding

Customized Ocean Freight Forwarding
Horizon of possibilities

Ocean freight forwarding, the main “backbone” of international trade, is the perfect and cost-effective solution for moving large shipments, vehicles and heavy equipment between countries and continents. Global ocean freight forwarding offers you myriad possibilities and opportunities. That’s why you should ask for a price offer and consult with the Ruth Cargo ocean freight forwarding experts.

At Ruth Cargo every shipment begins with analysis and optimization of the shipping characteristics, relevant sail times and your budget, in the aim of planning the optimal shipping strategy customized to your business needs. This will ensure shipment transported via the most efficient route, at the fastest schedules and the most attractive prices, even during times of excess demand for ocean freight forwarding services.

Ruth Cargo is globally deployed and accompanied by a global and unique technological platform that monitors your shipment. With these capabilities, combined with the company’s comprehensive all-encompassing logistics service platform, that includes customs, insurance as well as land and air forwarding services any place in the world – you will enjoy all ocean freight forwarding services and cost savings, all under one roof.

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